Our Team

At Live Oak Healthcare, our approach is simple: The best teams take care of their team members.

Our team
We work hard to ensure that our caregivers, medical staff, residents and their families know that we are in their corner.

When smart and capable people feel supported, they can do remarkable things. We value our team members; we invest in them. That is the difference in working with Live Oak. 

Whether it's showing our flexibility in our scheduling, or making sure we're all on the same page,  we look out for you. It's about mutual respect, compassion, and understanding. It's about promoting our core values not only within our facilities and with our team members, but throughout the community.

Our Core Values

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    Operational Excellence

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    Personal Integrity

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Join our team

Whether you have questions about joining the Live Oak Healthcare family, or want to know more about our locations and our care philosophies, we can't wait to connect.